Aurora Pharmacy

3003 W Good Hope Rd Ste 1129, Milwaukee, WI 53209

Aurora Pharmacy

Part of Aurora Health Center

3003 W Good Hope Rd

Ste 1129

Milwaukee, WI 53209

Call: 414-540-9236

This location treats patients 2 years and older.

Vaccines available:


When you fill your prescriptions at an Aurora Pharmacy, You're getting more than medication. You're also getting cost-saving value, exceptional service and knowledgeable care. Medications can come with a lot of questions - and we're here to answer them for you, from dosage concerns to over-the-counter product recommendations. 

We offer one-on-one consultations with our pharmacists, so You'll know exactly how to take your medication. Our accuracy standard means You'll get just what the doctor ordered, and our expert staff will ensure You're never at risk for any dangerous interactions.

Getting your refills is convenient. You can order online, call 888-973-8999 or use our automatic mail-order service. Prescription transfers are easy, too - just bring us your container and we'll do the rest. You can pick up your medication at any Aurora Pharmacy. And we accept most major insurance plans.

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